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Below are articles pertaining to the Systems & Process Control Practice at Hatch which have been published in journals and/or conference proceedings.

Power Plant Efficiency Reporting and Online Auditing System for Carbon Pollution
Authors: N. Plant, E. Cabrero, T.K. Saha
IEEE Power & Energy Society (IEEE-PES) General Meeting 2012 – San Diego, July 23, 2012

Simultaneous Stabilization With Near Optimal LQR Performance For Vibrating Systems
Authors: N. Mansouri
Canadian Machinery Vibration Association (CMVA) Machinery Vibration, Reliability and Maintenance Seminar and Annual General Meeting, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Oct. 24-26, 2012

The Importance of Process Control to New Technology Implementation
Authors: T. Gerritsen, S. Picard, B. MacKay
COM2011 Conference of Metallurgists, October 5th 2011

Business Optimization With and Without Economic Crisis – Process Information Management as a Tool for Helping Business Decisions
Authors: E. Gómez, P. González, S. González
Mining Area Magazine (Revista Area Minera), March 29, 2009

Application of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) to Ensure Safety of Nickel/Cobalt Autoclave Plants
Authors: M. Pearson, S. Sullivan, J. Murray
Hydrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt 2009 , Proceedings of the 39th Annual Hydrometallurgy Meeting held in Conjunction with Nickel & Cobalt 2009, August 23, 2009

Application of Safety Instrumented Systems to Ensure Safety of Autoclave Plants
Authors: M. Pearson, S.Sullivan, Lakeside Process Controls
ISA Expo 2008

Optimum Control Of The Leeudoorn Semi-Autogenous Milling Circuit
Authors: W. van Dyk, W. Stange
SAIMM Western Cape Branch, Process Control Workshop, August 1997

MES Model Overview and relationship to PIMS
Authors: A. Robinson

The Development of the Proposed Milling Circuit for the Nkomati Main Concentrator Plant
Authors: C. McInnes, W. Stange
Minerals Engineering (UK)

Production Information Management Systems Overview
Authors: W. Stange

The Practical Application of Simulation in Mining
Authors: T.R. Silverton, J.A. Atkins

Information Technology for Mining: Managing the Complexity
Authors: C. Imrie
CIM 101st Annual General Meeting, Calgary, Canada, May, 1999

Mine to Mill Integration: The Next Step Improvement
Authors: C. Imrie
Randol Gold & Silver Forum ‘99, May 1999

Application of PIMS to the Metals Industry
Authors: E. Mendes

Production Management in the Diamond Industry
Authors: S. Wong & R. Toneguzzi

Application of Expert Systems to Metallurgical Furnaces
Author: Y. Dessureault

South African Breweries Packaging Line Monitoring System
Authors: W. Braun

Advanced Control Saves Energy
Authors: B. Pelletier

Advanced Use of Historians Can Save Millions
Author: B. Pelletier

Diavik PIMS (CIM 2003 Paper)
Authors: F. Zacharias & P. Heine

Value Added Aluminum Smelter System Integration: Alouette Phase II Experience
Authors: A. Noel


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