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Below is a list of articles pertaining to Oil & Gas services from Hatch which have been published in journals and/or conference proceedings.

Viability of GTL for the North American gas market
Authors: E. Salehi, W. Nel, S. Save
Hydrocarbon Processing, Special Report, January, 2013
Abstract - Full Article

The Canadian Oilsands Industry and its similarities with the Chilean Mining Industry
Author: J. Fuentes
Chilean Association of Canadian Studies, September 30, 2011

Production of hydrogen by steam reforming of bio-oil over Ni/Al2O3 catalysts: Effect of addition of promoter and preparation procedure
Authors: E. Salehi, F. Seyedeyn-Azad, T. Harding, J. Abedi
Fuel Processing Technology Journal, 2011

Biomass to hydrogen via catalytic steam reforming of bio-oil over Ni-supported alumina catalysts
Authors: F. Seyedeyn-Azad, S. Ebrahim, J. Abedi, T. Harding
Fuel Processing Technology Journal, 2011

AP Fuels and the Potential of Renewable Diesel
Authors: M. Berkley, N. Seifkar, M. O'Shea, C. Peters
World Energy Congress 2010, Montreal, Canada, September 2010

Comparison of Several Coal Gasification Processes
Authors: N. Seifkar, W. Davey, J. Sarvinis
8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE8), August 24, 2009

The Alberta Saline Aquifer Project 
Authors: S. Broek, S. Save, Dr. R. Luhning
South African Carbon Capture & Storage Conference, September 29, 2009

An Overview of the Oil Sands Process, Comparing it to Conventional Mineral Processing 
Authors: G. Ritson, Hatch and C. Ward, Petro Canada Oil Sands Inc
41st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mineral Processors, Ottawa, Canada, January 20 - 22, 2009

Energy Efficiency in the Industry: A Step to Increase Productivity
Authors: E. Cruz and R. Hynes

GHG Abatement Through Energy Optimization
Authors: R. Hynes, D. Clarry, J. Tsai, E. Cruz
CIM Annual Conference - Climate Change Sessions, 2009

Mathematical Modeling of Oil Shale Pyrolysis Reaction
Author: K. Ghesmat, S. Save
28th Oil Shale Symposium, Colorado, October 14, 2008

A new approach to Flow-Induced Vibration Analysis in Heat Exchangers
Author: J. E. Moran
Canadian Machinery Vibration Association (CMVA) Annual Seminar, Niagara Falls, October 2008

Critical Review of Exergy-Based Indicators for the Environmental Impact of Emissions
Authors: Y. Ao, L. Gunnewiek and M. A. Rosen
Internationl Journal of Green Energy; 5: 1-18, 2008

Scaling Fluidelastic Instability in Heat Exchanger Tube Arrays subjected to Two-Phase Cross-Flow
Authors: J. E. Moran and D. S. Weaver
9th International Conference on Flow-Induced Vibrations, Czech Republic

CO2 Capture and Sequestration - Implications for the Metals Industry
Authors: M. Berkley, J. Berzansky, D. Clarry, J. Sarvinis
The Mining, Metals & Materials Society - Annual General Meeting 2008

Case Study Heat Capacity for an Industrial Plant Facility in a Complex
Authors: B. Seyedan, S. Bhan, R. Hynes
The International Joint Power Generation Conference, 2003


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