Improving thermal power asset management in Australia
thermal power station

Hatch is working with CS Energy to implement its asset management improvement strategy

Hatch has been selected by CS Energy as one of a panel of specialist service providers to support an extensive asset-management improvement program across its portfolio of thermal power stations in Queensland, Australia.

CS Energy, the largest of three Queensland government-owned power generating corporations, owns and operates four thermal power stations: Swanbank, Callide, Kogan Creek and Mica Creek. These power stations have a combined capacity of 3,660 MW, which constitutes approximately 35% of Queensland's total installed generation capacity.

The four stations are spread across Queensland and range in age from the late 1950s to the early 2000s. As a result, CS Energy is presented with unique challenges to deliver portfolio-wide reporting and business tools and procedures that can be effectively deployed to guide and support asset management practices across all sites.

The multi-faceted asset-management improvement program has been initiated by CS Energy to reverse the deteriorating trend over the past few years in the reliability of its power stations.

To date, Hatch's role in the program includes:

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David Eutick

David Eutick

Regional Lead (NE Australia) Operational Services
Brisbane, Australia

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