Hatch supplies engineering, project and construction management services, process and business consulting and operational services to the mining, metallurgical, energy and infrastructure industries.
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Annual Review

CEO’s Message

Continually changing market and economic conditions around the world demand an equally dynamic approach for delivering professional services to our clients. At Hatch, we go to great lengths to understand these forces and refine our service and technology mix to match our clients’ evolving needs.

Through our work in developing nations, we see an escalating demand for natural-resource management, energy, infrastructure, water, and food. In more mature markets, we see the urgent need to improve productivity, reduce costs, and accelerate the time-to-market to meet stakeholder expectations. For our clients, the challenge is to accomplish these goals under tight capital constraints.


John Bianchini, Chief Executive Officer
John Bianchini,
Chief Executive Officer

We understand the increasing need to do more with less and to constantly look for ways to drive stakeholder value. In our own business, we do it by investing in quality people and being highly engaged in every aspect of our clients’ businesses, from planning and design to operational performance. Many of our clients have restructured their organizations to succeed in these volatile times, and we’re pleased to have helped them improve their performance through process modifications, technological advances, and new problem-solving techniques.

For 60 years, we’ve approached business by nurturing a culture of innovative problem-solving and striving to be our clients’ most valued partner. Our people are highly motivated to work on difficult challenges, and we share a sense of responsibility in how our work enables our clients’ businesses to grow. Through this commitment, we continue to build a record of successful assignments.

Our teams tackle every new problem by looking at it from different angles and collaborating across our expertise base. We apply our strong fundamental knowledge, employ our proven techniques, and develop new approaches and breakthrough technologies to solve our clients’ toughest business challenges.

We’ve collected a number of stories from the past year that help illustrate our approach and how it has driven performance improvements in a wide range of industries and projects. In every case, our clients faced unique challenges, and we worked closely with them to evaluate the possibilities and deliver practical solutions.

We’re also pleased to feature industry insights from five members of our senior leadership team. They cover a lot of territory—from the initial creative sparks of innovation all the way to project delivery and continuous improvement. Their subjects are all intrinsic to the challenges faced every day by our clients and their industries overall. Efficiency is certainly a common theme, but the articles dig much deeper into specific areas, and I’m sure you’ll find them interesting and incubators for further dialogue.

Another highlight in this edition is a special feature on the 2014 Project of the Year Award from the Project Management Institute for our work on Rio Tinto Alcan’s (RTA) AP60 project. It’s extremely rewarding to see our client and colleagues receive such high industry recognition for this truly innovative project. AP60 is the first plant of its kind in the world and will produce 40% more aluminum per cell than the previous generation of AP technology. The project also attained a new safety record, resetting the industry benchmark for future projects.

We hope that this collection of project stories and ideas will inspire your teams in their pursuit of innovative solutions—they certainly continue to inspire our 10,000 employees around the world. We’re eager to share these perspectives with you and enthusiastic about creating many more new possibilities together in the future.

John Bianchini
Chief Executive Officer

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