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Duck Pond Mine Development

Duck Pond Mine DevelopmentAUR Resources Inc. (now Teck Cominco) developed the Duck Pond Mine, a copper-zinc mine located in west-central Newfoundland.  The mine consists of two deposits known as the Duck Pond deposit and the Boundary deposit, which together cover an area of 12,847 hectare and contain a total mineral reserve of approximately 4.1 million metric tonnes. The Duck Pond deposit is presently being mined using underground mining methods while the planned Boundary deposit, located six km from the concentrator, will be an open pit mining operation. The mine has an expected life of eight to ten years, at a production rate of 1,800 metric tonnes of ore per day. This will result in a production of 400 tonnes of copper and zinc concentrate per day. The development cost for the project was C$150 million and involved the reuse of mining and mill equipment from their decommissioned Louvicort mine and mill in Québec.

The project included:

  • Temporary camp setup
  • Access roads/site roads (upgrading and construction)
  • Concentrator facility
  • Tailings management facility
  • Ancillary support buildings & infrastructure
  • Tailings distribution system
  • Site water and sewer system
  • Electrical distribution

Construction was completed in December 2006 and production commenced in January 2007.

Scope of Services
As a subconsultant of Met-Chem Canada Inc, Hatch predecessor company SGE Acres was responsible for the following elements of this EPCM contract:

  • Contract packaging strategy
  • Design of buildings and site infrastructure (the non-process aspects of the project)
    • Site design
    • Camp and municipal services
    • Site and access roads
    • Ancillary buildings
  • Scheduling
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Tender call services, evaluation of tenders and recommendations for award
  • Contracts administration
  • Procurement
  • Document control
  • Resident site management and supervision of buildings and infrastructure
  • Civil, structural, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical inspection

Project Stats

AUR Resources Inc. (Teck Cominco)

Newfoundland, Canada



CDN$150 mllion

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