Hatch supplies engineering, project and construction management services, process and business consulting and operational services to the mining, metallurgical, energy and infrastructure industries.
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Hatch assists clients with investment options. We provide asset valuations and market analysis, process design, technology transfer, cost reduction and use effective environmental systems.

Asset Valuation and Market Analysis
Due diligence, assets valuation, iron ore and pellet market studies are performed for plant owners and investors to set out strategic management data.

Process Design
Our design skills are applied to all stages of a project from pre-engineering studies to the detailed design of a plant. We design for rapid ramp-up to target capacity, ensuring above-average returns for the owners.

Technology Transfer
For existing plants, we modernize the pelletizing process, including grinding, mixing, balling and induration. Advanced mathematical modeling, including heat and mass balance analysis and de-bottlenecking logistical models, are used to improve operations.

Cost Reduction
Working with operators, we implement innovative strategies and technologies for the reduction of conversion costs with special emphasis on minimizing raw-materials consumption, power and thermal energy.

Deploying World-class Environmental Systems
Hatch’s off-gas design and water technologists are committed to world-class air quality and the conservation and management of a site’s water resources.

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