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Below are articles pertaining to Environmental Services Group at Hatch which have been published in journals and/or conference proceedings.

Water-saving options for sulphuric acid plants
Authors: R.J. Forzatti, I. Natha, L. Roux, and D.A. Van den Berg
The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM), 7th Southern African Base Metals Conference 2013, Symposium Series S76, 2-4 September 2013

Direct and Indirect methods for the Measurement of Occupational Sound Exposure from Communication Headsets
Authors: C. Giguère, A. Behar, H.R. Dajani, T. Kelsall and S.E. Keith
Noise Control Engineering Journal Volume 60 No. 5 November 2012

Environmental management of two industrial sites in NSW using Pollution Reduction Programs
Authors: C. Tickell, L. Zammit, K. Schianetz, S. Collings
Acoustics 2012, Fremantle Australia, November 21 - 23, 2012

20 Years of using the Noise Exposure Indicator and new strategies in effective occupational noise management
Author: C. Tickell
Acoustics 2012, Fremantle Australia, November 21 - 23, 2012

Practical applications of Sustainable Development in the Mining and Metals industry
Authors: C. Twigge-Molecey
(CNIA) China Non Ferrous Industry Association Policy Development Forum, Beijing, China, July 6, 2012

Low Frequency, Infrasound and Amplitute Modulation Noise from Wind Farms - Some Recent Findings
Author: C. Tickell
Acoustics Australia Journal, Vol. 40 April (2012) No. 1, pp 32 to 34

A physical–biogeochemical coupling scheme for modeling marine coastal ecosystems
Authors: R. Filgueira, J. Grant, C. Bacher, M. Carreau
Ecological Informatics (An International Journal on Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology), January, 2012

Small Steps to Better Health: Child-Friendly Planning Perspectives
Author: J. Hemingway
2011 Technical Meeting, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), April 5, 2011, Orlando, FA, USA

A Zero Waste Framework for a New Minerals Industrial Complex
Authors: J. Wehrli, M. Campbell, L. Fergusson
The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminum (ICSOBA), 18 October 2011

A dream denied? Mining legislation and the constitution in Indonesia
Authors: K. Haymon, K. Gandataruna
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, Volume 47, Number 2, 2011

Preparing an Effective Noise Specification – Proposal For a Standard
Author: C. Tickell
Internoise 2011 40th international congress and exposition on noise control engineering, Osaka Japan, 5 September 2011

Looking Beyond Impact Assessment to Social Sustainability
Authors: I.C. Aucamp, S. Woodborne, J.J. Perold, A. Bron, S. Aucamp
Book: New Directions in Social Impact Assessment: Conceptual and Methodological Advances; 2011

Engineering-in Sustainability: Learnings from the application of SUSOP®
Authors: G.D. Corder, B.C. McClellan, P.J. Bangerter, D. van Beers, S. Green
Chemeca 2010 Conference, Adelaide, Australia, September 26–29, 2010

Surface Water Treatment for Remote Extreme Cold Climate
Author: J. Chowdhury
Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine, September 2010

Integrated Waste Management Planning in the Project Development Process
Authors: P. Furniss, M. Finucci
The 20th WasteCon Conference and Exhibition, October 7, 2010

Benchmarking Metals Industry Associations: The Zinc Industry's Sustainability Performance
Authors: L. Westfall, D. Ersenkal, M. Ali
2010 International Zinc Conference, Scotsdale, USA, March 2010

SUSOP®: Embedding Sustainable Development Principles into the Design and Operation of Resource Extraction and Processing Operations
Authors: P.J. Bangerter, S. Green, B. McClellan, G.D. Corder, D. van Beers
Sustainable Mining 2010 Conference, Kalgoorlie, Australia, August 2010

Principles and Methods Used To Develop Solid Waste Management Plans for Small Rural Communities in Newfoundland and Labrador
Author: C. E. Nieto-Franco
Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Wastecon 2010, August 17, 2010

Environmental Design Criteria:  An Increasingly Required Engineering Deliverable
Author: J. Arrueste
First International Conference on Environmental Issues in the Mining Industry ENVIROMINE2009 Santiago, Chile, September 30 - Ocotober 2, 2009

Towards Energy Efficient Iron and Steelmaking - The Greenhouse Gas Carbon Abatement Process (G-Cap)
Authors: M. Freislich,  S. Kumar, S. Gale and P. Duncan
International Convention on Clean, Green and Sustainable Technologies in Iron and Steelmaking,  Bhubaneshwar, India, July 15, 2009

A Systems Perspective of Sustainability in the Mining Industry & Suggestions for Indicator Development
Authors: T. Lydiatt, P. Mesquita, A. Nolan
Conference on Sustainable Development Indicators in the Mining Industry, July 6-8th, 2009

Sustainable Steel Plant on an Environmental Protection Area
Authors: M.V. Drumond, C.A. Chaves
SDMI2009, July 2009

A Latin American Project Example for Strengthening Community Relations and Promoting Local Employment and Training (a Case Study)
Author: O. Gamache
Com2009 - Conference of Metallurgists, August 26 , 2009, Sudbury, Canada

Greenhouse Gas Carbon Abatement Process
Authors: M.Freislich, S.Gale, P.Duncan, N.McClusky
2nd International Symposium on Sustainable Ironmaking, Sydney, August, 2008
Metal Bulletin ,Steel & the Environment, London; September, 2008

Comparison of wind farm noise policy in Australia and Canada
Authors: T.Kelsall & C.Tickell
Internoise 2008, October 26-29, 2008

Managing More than the resource:  Social challenges of operating overseas
Author: E.Gill
China Mining Journal, June 2008

Critical Review of Exergy-Based Indicators for the Environmental Impact of Emissions
Authors: Y.Ao, L.Gunnewiek and M.A.Rosen
Internationl Journal of Green Energy; 5: 1-18, 2008

Fog Modeling - A  Visibility Perspective
Authors: K.A.Morrison
Air & Waste Management Association Annual Meeting in Portland (OR) June 24-27 2008

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