Project Delivery — Maximizing Value, Minimizing Risk

Hatch's clients invest billions in the development of their most important assets. That kind of investment is never taken lightly, and it demands the best possible project set-up, quality and delivery to ensure that facilities are built safely, on-time and to budget — and achieve the expected profitability.

Engineering Excellence and Differentiation

From Hatch's beginnings in the mid-1950s, our company has built a reputation for delivering strong and differentiated engineering skills. Our strategy at the engineering stage of a project is always on designing a plant — from the first flowsheet onwards — that can be constructed efficiently, started up quickly, and operate at capacity.

It is that focus on our clients' business objectives that distinguishes Hatch's approach to engineering.

Hiring and developing the best people, from new engineers to those with decades of experience, is one way that we achieve this goal. Another is by seeking out and working with our clients on their most challenging issues — challenging ourselves to deliver robust and innovative solutions that pay off for our clients and enhance our people's skills.

We also make significant investments in building and maintaining teams to support our in-house technology groups, such as those focused on furnaces and autoclaves, and specialty areas like custom machine design, custom structural design, bulk material handling, pipeline design, automation systems, noise control and many others.


Hatch's global procurement team works to identify, select and manage the best suppliers at the best prices, from around the world.

Our procurement team continues to enhance the functionality of our Global Procurement Intelligence system (GPI). GPI aggregates knowledge on suppliers worldwide so that project teams can access supplier intelligence relevant to their particular project. The system is also integrated with an online supplier performance assessment process, enabling project teams to communicate useful information acquired on suppliers back to the procurement team.

Material Management

Hatch's material management processes coordinate engineering and procurement activities and optimize the flow of materials and information in support of a construction-driven execution plan.

We coordinate engineering, procurement, construction, logistics, project controls, and project scheduling and site activities during the execution phase of a project in order to manage materials throughout their life cycle. This integrated approach enables teams to constantly coordinate the engineering and procurement activities in a way that best meets construction schedule requirements.


As a full-service engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) provider, Hatch has made significant investments in building a world — class construction management team.

Our construction approach is inextricably tied to the engineering phases of a project. To help our clients plan and execute effective construction projects, we believe it is essential for construction management to be involved early, with an emphasis on ensuring constructability which is cost-effective, minimizes risks, and maintains the intent of the design.

Today, our construction teams are working on more than 30 sites in virtually every corner of the world — from Western Australia to the Dominican Republic. Ten additional projects will move into construction phase during 2012, growing our on-site construction management team to over 2,000 people by 2013.


As these construction projects move forward, an integral step in the life cycle of a project is to ensure facilities are constructed as complete systems, enabling effective commissioning.

Hatch's commissioning team assigns quality people to handle all pre-operational testing and commissioning phases. They inspect and test plant components, making sure the facilities meet the project design, and test plant systems to ensure design performance is met.

The overriding goal is to deliver a facility that will reach design capacity as rapidly as possible. Team members who participated in early stages of a project — and best know the facility inside and out — continue to be involved in the commissioning stage.

Project LifeCycle Process

Hatch's Project LifeCycle Process (PLP) defines our approach to delivering projects.

PLP takes a project from concept to completion and is a highly structured methodology that has evolved over the years. It is designed to work effectively for projects of any size, as clients look to build, expand or upgrade a facility. Its goal? Reduce risk and deliver predictable outcomes, consistently and efficiently.

Our PLP methodology has undergone a rigorous review over the past two years, with the aim of refreshing and updating all of the materials that underpin our approach, including policies, procedures, methods, tools, and systems.

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
The Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal is located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and environmental protection measures were paramount in undertaking the terminal expansion.
Hatch's Project Delivery Group focuses on:

Today, Hatch is directly involved in over 90 percent of U.S. Steel's worldwide capital programs.