Chairman's Message: Thinking Like A Client

While the world's economy continues to walk the recovery tightrope — particularly in Europe and the United States — our clients are forging ahead with investments that had been postponed or canceled during the slowdown that began in late 2008.

We believe that the rapid acceleration of industrialization, particularly in highly populated parts of the world like China, India and Brazil, will continue to drive a growth in demand for our clients' products. As the industrialization evolution of these fast-growing countries continues to gather steam, we see increased demand for both conventional and alternative energy sources to power that next stage of growth. At the same time, countries and corporations will be investing in improved infrastructure — roads, ports, railways and the like — to better connect within and outside their borders, and to get their products into the global marketplace more efficiently and profitably.

Opportunities and Challenges

This is all good business for our clients and their stakeholders. And it means we have an ever-growing opportunity to support our clients across all three of our sectors — Mining & Metals, Energy and Infrastructure — as they seek to meet the demands of a global market, and deliver healthy returns for their owners and stakeholders. But these exciting times also pose challenges.

New technical and cultural challenges are coming to the fore as our clients move into more remote parts of the world where their experience is sometimes limited. And we all have an obligation to deliver projects that are environmentally sustainable and benefit the communities in which they are located.

That is why leading professional services companies like Hatch must step up. We must deliver the powerful combination of our technical expertise, our project delivery experience and our business vision to help our clients shape their future. Leaders take calculated risks and manage them closely. They expand into new markets. They hire the best people — technically impeccable, but also innovative and visionary and they empower them to deliver new, value — creating solutions that solve their clients' business needs.

Hatch is reaping the benefits of strategies we executed during tougher times. We continue to invest heavily in training, and in developing new technologies. And we are continually improving the rigor with which we deliver our projects, enter new markets, and add capacity and capability to our portfolio of services.

What Matters Most

In this annual review, we take you around the world on a virtual visit to many of the projects we are helping our clients develop. Every day, on every project, Hatch teams are working closely with their clients to deliver on a common goal: to safely, efficiently and sustainably deliver a profitable outcome.

We have always prided ourselves on taking the long view of our business and our client relationships. This kind of attitude helped Hatch become an industry leader in technologies like autoclaves and high-powered furnaces. And it is how we are leading the way in applying new management tools in project implementation, and in new areas like construction modularization, unconventional gas and oil technologies, and gateway logistics, among others.

As our clients grow, so does Hatch. We now number nearly 11,000 people around the world — a broad reach that gives us the ability to serve both global clients wherever they may be, as well as local clients contributing to the development of their local economies.

While we grow, it is vitally important that we not lose touch of our strong focus on the key principles of safety, quality, sustainability and innovation. Our clients demand these principles of us, and we demand them of ourselves.

The Future

We continue to set the stage for success. But at the same time, Hatch and our clients all serve a higher purpose — to help bring products to market and to grow our global economy. As individual economies prosper, so do all of us.

Our management team's pledge for the future is very simple. We will continue to do the right things for all of our stakeholders: our clients, our employees, and the communities in which we work and live.

On a final note, Hatch's Board of Directors recently appointed John Bianchini to the position of Chief Executive Officer. It has been my privilege to serve as Hatch's CEO since 2004, and I will continue to serve as Chairman.

I hope you enjoy our trip around the world in This is Hatch.

Kurt Strobele
Chairman - Kurt Strobele