The Band of Principles - What We Believe and How We Work

During 2011, we launched a new campaign that confirms and reminds us of four key commitments Hatch makes every day — to our clients and ourselves — and, combined, make us unique in our industry.

We call it our Band of Principles.


Maintaining a consistent approach to safety can be a major challenge in our business. Hatch's standards are clear: we work diligently to ensure no harm comes to our own people, our clients' people, and the contractors and suppliers with whom we work.

Our safety record surpasses industry standards and is a testament to the diligence of our people and the transfer of this mindset to everyone we work with and for. Hatch's safety record has improved even as our business has doubled. Our record currently stands at 0.07 lost time injuries (LTIs) for every 200,000 man-hours of project work completed.

One recent example is our team working on Barrick's US$655 million Pueblo Viejo pressure leach gold plant in the Dominican Republic, which surpassed two million man-hours without an LTI in 2011.


Does quality actually pay off? At Hatch, we know it does.

Clients hire us to study, design and build projects that will deliver the best possible financial result to their shareholders and owners.

Our commitment to quality was recognized by clients and at awards ceremonies around the world throughout 2011.

One of many examples was a trio of wins at the Consult Australia awards. Our joint venture work on the Abbot Point Coal Terminal X50 project received two honors: Project of the Year; and the Gold Award for Resources and Mining. In addition, the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group Stage 1 project received the Gold Award for Excellence in Project Management.


Our clients' projects are often located close to sensitive environments and can have a significant social impact on nearby communities. Delivering projects sustainably is important not just for the long-term health of our planet, it is increasingly an important financial driver for our clients. Sustainability to Hatch is about providing services that benefit not just our clients' businesses, but the communities and environment in which we live.

One example of our sustainability work has taken us to the Solomon Islands, the Pacific island nation northeast of Australia. There, Hatch is working with SMM Solomon Limited to develop its Solomon Islands nickel project. As part of Hatch's work, we are conducting an environmental impact assessment (EIA), which requires particular attention to conservation areas, the local community, and the cultural heritage of the region.


For Hatch, innovation is quite simple: it is a new idea or way of working, which can be big or simply incremental, that delivers a cost saving or a new revenue opportunity. We look to our clients to help us drive our own innovation processes.

Innovation leadership is happening right now in Canada's oil sands, where Hatch, Suncor Energy, Enbridge and Nenniger Inc. are developing a pilot plant to demonstrate BEST — bitumen extraction solvent technology. BEST is a low temperature, primary, in-situ production technology for bitumen reserves using a pure, condensing solvent. It will produce 85 percent less greenhouse gases than steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and will reduce the consumption of process water to zero. It is also expected to have lower operating and capital costs than SAGD.

Our Band of Principles
How We Work