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Materials-handling machines for the metals industries have failure rates much higher than standard static structures. Failures are dangerous to personnel, and can represent a significant economic loss.

One of the key objectives to reducing the incidence of failures is to identify the critical components on the machine and to provide defenses to reduce the likelihood of failure of these components. Such a program often needs ongoing inspections and routine maintenance.

Hatch Structural Assets offers a complete service for materials-handling machine investigations including:

New Machines

  • Proof-audit engineering for new machines to AS4324.1 standard.
  • Risk Assessment including vulnerability assessment and failure modes and critical analysis (FMECA).

Existing Machines

  • Inspections including condition assessment, weighing, balance determination, vibration measurements and strain gauging.
  • Global structural analysis, stability and fatigue assessment.
  • Detailed finite element analysis to determine component performance criticality.
  • Vulnerability assessment and failure modes effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) to allow maintenance strategies and risk reduction defenses to be developed.
  • Repair strategies based on level of risk.

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Materials Handling Machines
Materials Handling Machines Capabilities
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