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Hatch Green Office Initiatives

Hatch Global, in an effort to sensitize employees of their personal impact on the Earth’s ecosystem and to encourage action to reduce their ecological carbon footprint, has green initiatives under way in all major offices.

While each region actively promotes initiatives they feel is important to maintaining a sustainable environment and workplace, all of Hatch’s major offices participate in:

  • Sustainable development education
  • Recycling stations for paper, cans, bottles and electronics
  • Reusable / eco-friendly cutlery, plates and cups
  • Recycled paper
  • Double-sided printing

Check out how Hatch offices in each region are going green…


  • In-house worm farm to reduce organic waste produced in the office
  • Prepaid tickets for commuting from the office to the airport by train instead of taxis
  • After-hours zoned lighting systems
  • Office energy monitoring and auditing
  • Bike to work incentive program
  • Water reduction programs
  • Participation in government energy and environment programs
  • Donation of old computers to charitable organizations


  • Carpool and cycling program which has saved more than 700 tons of CO2 and as of August 2010 has removed more than 900 automobiles off the roads each month
  • Reduced lighting and air conditioning usage in summer months during periods of high electrical demand
  • Water reduction programs
  • After-hours zoned office lighting systems
  • Donation of old computers to charitable organizations
  • Indoor bicycle locker to promote employees biking to work
  • Participation in government energy and environment programs
  • Participation in bike to work week

South Africa

  • Biodegradable, low footprint cleaning solutions
  • Car pooling program

South America

  • Employee reforestation initiative in which more than 160 trees were planted in the local community
  • Lights-off reminders
  • Ecological messages upon computer start-up
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